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Link node variables to auto populate other fields

Link node variables to auto populate other fields

I want to select a variable from a drop down field this then auto populates other fields with predefined variables, under node details.

I go into "Edit Node" -> "Custom Properties"

"Address_Code" Select "[AUKTA]"

I then want this to auto populate "Address_Country" with "Australia"

"Address_Suburb" with "Karratha"

Have attached a screenshot: Capturejpg

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Your group(s) can be populated dynamically as seen here (this is step 6 from my first post).  It's someone else's screenshot--not applicable to you yet, so give a dynamic query object name of your choosing.  Select the appropriate option under the Orion Object drop-down item.  Enter the free text you are matching on.:


Create a group called Australia with child group Karratha.  Create any other necessary suburbs at this level as well.  Inside each suburb group, create the next most granular level.  Put each node inside the innermost group applicable.  It will inherit each parent's parent(s).  This is the 'auto populate' functionality you were looking for.

I'm not entirely clear on the parent / child relationship of each value you provided, but presumably you are.  Just nest the next more granular geographical group underneath each broader group (or continent or country--whatever floats your boat).

Note each column with drop down values that can be used when creating your dynamic query.  Naturally there is some up-front effort--be sure to set any custom properties that tie the node to necessary groups when onboarding.

Note that you will need GroupName.OrionReport from here:  Determine Group Membership From Node Page , and you will want this placed on Node Details page.

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Here's an example that someone has done via Groups and making Node Details display group membership.  Details in URL I provided earlier.  In this example, the group name was 'Active Directory'.  You could benefit in alerting/ summary views and probably other ways by leveraging any groups you create.  Do you care whether you actually have new custom properties for this solution or whether you use groups?  Whether you can maintain or whether DBA assistance necessary?:

Group Membership Orion Node Details.png

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Unless I'm missing something, you might need to handle via groups.  And then modify Node Details resource to show group information (see Determine Group Membership From Node Page ).  Check out groups populated by dynamic query:

Edit group properties or change the group members

check out step 6 (the second part) specifically:

Edit group properties or change the group members

You can edit the properties of an existing group, or add and remove objects. If you remove an object from the group and that object has triggered an alert while it was a member of the group, the alert continues to be active until it's acknowledged.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings in the menu bar.
  2. In the Node & Group Management grouping, click Manage Groups.
  3. Select a group you want to edit, and click Edit Properties.
  4. Click Advanced to set the Status Rollup Mode, how often objects refresh in the group, or any custom properties.To create custom properties, open Manage Custom Properties in a new tab.
  5. To add or remove the group members, click Add & Remove Objects. You can also change group members directly on the Manage Groups page.
  6. Manually or automatically select objects for this group.
    • Select the check box next to the object to select object manually.
    • Automatically select group members based on shared properties by clicking Add Dynamic Query and creating conditions. Click Preview to verify that the dynamic query is selecting the intended objects.
  7. Edit an existing query by selecting a dynamic query, and clicking Edit Dynamic Query.
  8. To remove an object or query from a group, select the query or object, and click Remove.
  9. Click Submit to save the edited objects and queries.
  10. Click Submit again to save the group.


In the example you gave, make a group called Australia , with dynamic membership condition: Address_Code=AUTKA

You could choose to nest the Australia group under some more broad group if helpful.  Groups can be used for rolling up node status as best case/ worst case/ mixed, but another functionality is the scenario you've described and the steps I added.

d09h​ I believe that is referring to custom properties that are already configured on nodes. You would use a dynamic query to select all nodes with "Address_Code" = "AUKTA" and/or "Address_Country" to "Australia" and/or "Address_Suburb" to "Karratha", and add them to group "Australia 01", as an example. However, I think​ is asking for a way to automatically fill in all of the custom properties. (ie. every zip code belongs to exactly 1 city and 1 state, so when the user enters the zip code, then the system should automatically fill out the city and state.) You could setup something that would use a bit of both, I suppose, using groups with dynamic queries and a little bit of back end SQL, but it might be a bit more work than would be necessary.

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I can see this solution being SQL-centric...which might be out of the comfort zone and require lots of DBA assistance.  Alternatively, the way I presented.

Or mix and match a little.

Before group functionality existed, I used to have a few gnarly SQL queries/  reports that used joins and were outside of my comfort zone, being more of a network guy.  I don't recall when group functionality was introduced, but it quickly became one way to leverage existing custom properties more easily for a lousy DBA like myself.

This one probably boils down to and his comfort zone/ level of effort.

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Unless, of course, the naming schema for all of the nodes allowed for such classifications... Then you could create a bunch of groups with dynamic queries based on the names of the nodes. Either way, he still will not be able to automatically fill in the data to custom properties unless he applies a different method.

0 Kudos​ The functionality you are looking for is not directly available. You can, however, accomplish your goals a few different ways. If you have access to a DBA, they should be able to setup something fairly easily. Otherwise, depending on the number of different variables/values you need to set, you can create alerts that automatically change custom properties. Basically, your alert would trigger when any device has custom property "Address_Code" = "AUKTA", which would then take an action to set custom properties "Address_Country" to "Australia", and "Address_Suburb" to "Karratha".

There are several feature requests out there to add this functionality to Orion, unfortunately, until then, you will need to use a workaround.

Thank you,


Here is a good example from alexslv​, which should easily get you to a halfway point, at the very least. Automatically Update World Map Points Based On Custom Property Value

While his example/post was designed to add functionality to the world map, or the maintenance of using the map more efficiently, you can easily use it to populate your addresses/properties in bulk.

There are several more examples similar to this, scattered around Thwack.