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Level 8

Link custom import graphic to device status.

I have a number of custom device graphics in the Orion Network Atlas. How do you use custom icons for the various status of a device without using the coloured status behind the icon?

For example I have a series of the router icons for up, down, warning etc I want to use and have the device use each of the corresponding icons to display its status?

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In v10 the following folder will give you plenty of examples of the images and the naming conventions required.

c:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Network Atlas\Maps\NetObjects\Scaleable\Devices

The NetObjects folder is the root folder, where you can then work out how you want to organise your graphics.

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Level 17

you have to ensure the naming conventions for the various states are correct, then you assign that graphic.  the trick is to then use "tri-color" as "graphic style" under properties -> appearance

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