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Licences for HA Orion Cluster

Hi. I'm going to deploy HA Solarwinds Orion Cluster, so I have a questions about licensing.

I want to create MPE Primary + MPE Secondary (Failover) installation with one VIP.
This means I need two same licences for Solarwind Orion (Primary + Secondary) plus one HA licence to join both servers to HA, - am I right?

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Okay, got it.

What if I want to deploy APE HA Cluster (not MPE), what licences do I need?

Found nothing about APE HA Solution.

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(couldn't put this scheme into initial post due to thwack error)


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We run a similar setup except we also have APE's and we have all of our products licensed on our primary servers (NPM,MCM,IPAM etc) and a HA licenses for our failover servers.

So in you instance you would license all of your modules on the primary server and just buy a HA license for your failover server, you don't need to license both Primary / Failover servers AND buy a HA License.

The HA license takes care of the licensing on the failover server.



You just purchase a HA licence for the secondary server. You install using the installer and select Scalability. Once installed. You go to licence manager within the web console and assign the HA licence.