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Latest Round of Solarwinds Updates

Just checking with everyone on how things have run with this round of Solarwinds Updates.  I think all is good now but just wanted to check to see if anyone has any advice or have had any issues.  Sorry to keep asking this but just want to make sure things are good with the updates.  Thanks - Dave


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My upgrade to 2018.4 went pretty smooth. Centralized upgrades made it a breeze as well. I'm on Windows 2016 and SQL 2016.

Same here, pretty smooth coupled with the usual bumps.

For 2018.4 update:  Post update, nothing worked.   Had to run the reconfiguration tool - after which all was fine.

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What versions are you coming from and how is your architecture laid out?  For the most part upgrading is gravy, but time to time depending on the environment there can be some issues that arise.

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Its only a one version jump I keep everything up to date here. Architecture for all servers are Enterprise level and then some - Windows 2016 and SQL 2017 SP3. 

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