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Level 16

Last XX Traps will NOT display the custom title

I have multiple "Last XX Traps" resources on my NOC screen.  Each resource uses a different filter to only show a specific kind of high priority trap.  When I edit the resource I type in the Title so that other can see what this pertains to, but that "Title" never appears on the main screen.  It allways just says the default even though the words are in for the title field....

Anyone have this same issue?

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Level 17

Apologies sir, this is a known issue tracked internally as 315067.

Do you know if this is fixed in v11?

We need to create a page with many trap resources and we cant tell the difference between each without the ability to see a custom title.  Thanks!!

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Apologies for the inconvenience sir. We can confirm it is not fixed in 11.0, but is considered for future release.

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This is a high priority now due to the quantity of trap groups that are considered critical.  Is there a possiblity for a hotfix or an updated resource I could copy over?

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No HF available at the moment, but we are targeting this for future release.

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Thanks!!!  Now I know I'm not going crazy 

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