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Level 7

It is worth upgrading to V8.1????

We are still using Perfomance monitoring version 7.8.5,
and we are wondering if we should upgrade to version 8.1

We also using MS SQL server on the same box for SolarWinds.

If you have upgraded....what issues are you encountered?

If you had to roll back.....what isse made roll-back to previous version?

Any comment will be greatly appreciated.
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Level 7

I have both running on one server and had no issues upgrading the application from 7.8.5 to 8.0.0. My only issue came from the fact that I had them on an x64 server rather than x86. I am now in the process of moving the application to an x86 server to get it fully funcional once again.
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Level 7

I upgraded with no issues. I also currently have SQL on the orion box and a separate polling engine.
I will be off-loading the SQL in a few months.
I also tested netflow on the same box and it can't be done. In my book, you must absolutely run that on a different box, and/or must run SQL on a separate box.
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Level 13

It looks like I made the right decision and stayed on 7.8.5 and I think I'll stay there until a more stable version is released and full functionality in the Custom MIB and Adv Alerts works.


IT Infrastructure Manager
Pilgrim Hospital
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Level 7

Thanks for clearing that up...version 8.0.1
But what I am interested is the issues other users have run during the upgrade if any.

In a similar setup where MS SQL database is running on the same server.

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Level 9


I guess we are running the same setup as you do, Orion on the same server as the database.
We upgraded from 7.8.5. to 8.0 in december and to 8.0.1 as soo as it was available. Our main reason for upgrading was Custom MIB and Netflow, where Custom MIB was a nice-have and Netflow a must have.

A month later and I still have problems. I've abandoned Custom MIB altogether, it just isn't presented the way I need it and I'm still using an open source app to graph Custom MIB.
The quest to gather Netflow statistics has led me to realize I have to move the 37gb Orion database to a seperate server. When I activate netflow from any source Orion just freezes and sometimes stops gathering overall statistics. Until I get the other SQL running Netflow just isn't working for me.

Not many good news, but I could be a worst case.
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Level 7

I have the same question and I want to know what better benefit ONP 8.0.1 can bring us than ONP 7.8.5 ?

- Custom MIB Support
- Advanced Alerting
- SNMP v3 Support
- SNMP Trap Reception
- NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Integration

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Level 19


Just to be clear, the current version is 8.0.1. There is no 8.1 available.

Denny LeCompte
Sr. Product Manager, Orion
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