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Issues detecting interfaces on a Cisco 3800 series router in NPM 10.3

Hello everyone,

We are having issues with the detecting interfaces portion when trying to add a Cisco 3845 router into NPM 10.3.

The initial add node screen works fine, the test of the community string gives a pass, but then it just sits there spinning at the next step, detecting interfaces. Eventually the node can be added but without any interfaces and it doesn't pull all the information NPM normally gets from a Cisco device.

When using the local NPM instance in the engineer's toolkit the tool detects the interfaces just fine, but when trying to add to Orion we have this issue where the interfaces aren't seen. This issue is only arising for the Cisco 3800 series, all other Cisco devices can be polled for their interfaces without issue.

Please advise.

Thanks, Pradeep

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Case #355574 has been opened for this issue. Thanks.

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Thank you for posting back with your case #.  Please keep us updated with your progress.


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After a great experience working with Radu from Solarwinds support, and several trouble shooting steps including sending Orion diagnostics, an MIB walk thru and a Wireshark trace, the following process allows us to add the interfaces on our Cisco 3800 series routers:

1. Go to Add Nodes

2. Choose "Network Discovery"

3. Progress thru the menus of the Network Sonar Wizard, when you get to the Network  Selection portion choose "Specific Nodes" and insert IP of router to be added, one IP per line

4. In the next page "Discovery Settings", set SNMP Timeout from default of 3000ms to 500ms, and set SNMP Retries to 0 (default is 1).

5. Run Discovery now.

If any one reading this was wondering, Solarwinds does indeed provide world-class support for their customers.


Good to see that this was resolved and thanks for the kudos to support.

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