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Iseries monitoring

I know this has been discussed in years past but I'd like to know if solarwinds has any tools in their set to montior an Iseries partition or quite frankly what can and can it not support with regards to this platform.

I'd simply like what they offer regardless of how complex or simple the tool is.

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We have success monitoring iSeries volumes. There is an issue with the virtual processor monitor, so you will need to build a UNDP to get accurate real-time cpu usage, and not an average of all the physical CPU's plus the virtual..



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My past experience with regards to iSeries and SNMP was the systems team could not get the SNMP agent stable enough to be useful.

In a prior life we used a different tool to monitor iSeries as it allowed to to respond to console messages, run commands, etc.


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As far as iseries goes SolarWinds supports SNMP to collect some very high level system resource metrics, and essentially for anything else you have SSH where you would hopefully be able to figure out how to pull what you need from the command line.


There are third party companies who sell a modified version of net-snmp for iseries that expands SNMP to include more helpful data, but that's not really a SW thing.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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