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Level 8

Is there a way to determine previously installed versions?

Last time I upgraded, I went to 2020.2.1, so it seems I may be in the clear.  However, I'd like to see what versions were previously installed, just in case.  Is there any way to do that?

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Level 10

1. Run the installer, it will show current versions for the modules you have.

2. Look at the footer of the solarwinds webpage


3. you can look at /Orion/Admin/Details/OrionCoreDetails.aspx
Not really helpful unless you know what the old values where

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That's good for current version.  I'm hoping the database or something has a version history of some kind.

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Oh, I see what you are looking for.
Do you use any logging/SIEM (splunk, sumo etc)?
If so look there, here is an example on one used to determine when we upgraded to 2019.4



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For me I have locked at what date you did the last install, look at your calendar maybe. Then you might be able to figure out what version was out there then.

The other way could be to look at C:\Program data\solarwinds\installer. There you also have old installation files. You migth be able to figure it out there. 

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Good idea, but no luck.

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