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Level 11

Is there SLA's on Support Cases?

I've noticed that they have different levels, as listed below, of priority when submitting a support case.   What I don't know is the expected turn around time for each level, well at least acknowledgement of the support case moving from not started status.


Product is functional with no apparent issues. Requests for upgrade documentation, feature requests, technical information, how to questions, product use questions. No business impact.


Product is functional with minor or intermittent issues. Occasional functionality degradation. Minimal business impact.


Product is functional but with consistent issues or one product area is nonfunctional. Functionality is degraded. Some business impact.


Product is functional with major issues. Significant business impact.

System Down

Product is nonfunctional and/or has unrecoverable service failure. Critical Business Impact.

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Level 17

There are no published SLAs for support services.

The priority on the ticket is used by support services to assist in ensuring the most critical issues get addressed first.

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