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Is the support piece of the customer portal down for anyone else?

Down for me roughly 10:20am EDT.

Can't access tickets, etc.

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Thanks for the confirm.

Can anyone SolarWinds Community Team  bring any more info to the table? I wouldn't ask, but since the site doesn't indicate a known issue or other problems, we have no information.

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I'm not seeing a problem at this point; can get to KBs and drop downs for ticket worked for me.  try again?

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well, let me update...from portal I am having issue...can't retrieve list of cases, etc..

I was able to get ticket drop downs using shortcut I've had...
try it here

Not sure if that's the same page the portal sends you to....I've had the link set up for a while under my "home" tab

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It's not the page the portal sends us to, unfortunately. It probably works for submitting a ticket, but I can't look at my active ones from there I don't think.

Thanks for taking a gander at it!

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Yes, I'm having problems both retrieving an old case and opening a new one.

The form for opening a new one isn't enumerating any of the dropdowns to select things like what application, case priority, etc...

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Level 17

I'm getting an error retrieving cases as well.

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