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Is my Orion upgrade path on the right track

I've decided to run through the recommended upgrade path from my current installation to current version.  The time it takes is of less concern than resources required to build all new servers and databases.  All installations are in an off-line environment.

My server is:  Windows 2012-R2

My DB server is:  MS SQL 2012 (SP4)

I will install VNQM from scratch.

How does the below upgrade path look?  Any obvious problems?  Steps 1-8 are from the SolarWinds upgrade adviser.  Steps 9-12 are my guess that this sequence will not cause any problems, but I believe the new installation packages will also tell me if there's a problem or dependency.

I'll assume the database will be upgraded as I progress and I would perform a new database backup between each step.




Thanks much,


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Level 9

Hi Serena,

I used the upgrade adviser from SolarWinds, then tacked on the most recent "self contained" versions that are not covered by the adviser.  I'm looking to get the migration done in the new few weeks to a couple of months, but will try for sooner.  Resources are not an issue, neither is time.  Not melting down the production build is.

Thanks much,


I would recommend that you grab the latest installer NPM 12.2 and just launch it to see the upgrade path recommended. That will let you know if you can short circuit some of those steps. Caveat: running the installer requires .NET 4.6.2 which may require a reboot.

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You can just do the upgrades in stages. When I had to do 17 steps of upgrades, I just scheduled an outage window each night and did as many of the upgrades as I could within that time window.

The new (NPM 12.2) installer seems to be much quicker.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Out of curiosity, where did you get the recommended upgrade path? From the online upgrade advisor?  When do you think you might make the change from 2012 to 2016?

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Your upgrade path looks spot on.

Good luck.

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