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Level 7

Is it possible to set the number of the OID, when selected the SNMP trap for Alert notification?

I would like to notify the fault to other equipment via SNMP Trap.

The equipment, operation varies by number of Trap OID.

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Level 17

Can you provide an example?

It this what you are looking for? Trap Viewer message parsing

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Thank you for your advice!!

I would like to transmit SNMP TRAP, when NPM discovers a fault.

Although I am looking at "Available Advanced Alert Actions"(Chapter 20) of orion NPM Administrator Guide, the setting method of OID is not found.

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If you would like to customize the contents of an SNMP Trap sent as an action to a Solarwinds Advanced Alert, you will need to create a new trap template.  The default one is called 'ForwardSyslog', and you can find the template for this in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion and the file name is called ForwardSyslog.trap. You can create other .trap files and you can choose the template you like while defining the action.

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