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Is it possible to migrate Orion Server 2016.1 with NPM 12.0 to a new Server with version 2020.2?

Is it possible to migrate Orion Server 2016.1 with NPM 12.0 to a new Server with version 2020.2?

There is a Windows Server 2012 R2, installed with Orion Server 2016.1 and NPM 12.0 module.
And also a Windows Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2012 SP2.

We want to migrate the Database to a new server:
Windows Server 2016.
Installed with a SQL Server 2017

And we also want to migrate Orion Server 2016.1 to a new server:
Windows Server 2016
Installed with Orion 2020.2

Is it possible, once the database migration has been performed, to run the Configuration Wizard, pointing to the database of the old server without updating? (Making the changes that are required during migration)
Without updating the old server to version 2020.2

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Given the various tasks, you wish to perform I would recommend utilizing the Upgrade Advisor that is located in your Customer Portal. Some things that I can see right off the bat is that I don't think that your current version of NPM supports the DB you want to go to (you would need to confirm via the release notes) which in all likelihood would mean that you have to do the DB migration and the product upgrade in one go. Fortunately, I've done several similar tasks with minimal issues as long as I follow the migration documentation that SolarWinds provides. below are some articles that should be able to help you develop a plan and move forward

Thank you,
I understand that I need to migrate the Database first.
Perhaps my question would be, if there would be any problem in migrating the DB from SQL Server 2012 SP2, to the other server with SQL 2017?

I have performed laboratory tests, installing the servers (WS2012R2), and the Database (SQL Server2016), and another server (WS2016), and its Database (SQL Server 2017), and performed the following tasks.

1.- Install version 12.0 of NPM in WS2012
2.- Install the Database in (SQL Server 2016)
3.- Complete the Configuration Wizard.
3.- Install Orion version 2020.2 on WS2016
4.- Install the Database in (SQL Server 2017)
From here following the steps of: "Database migration from one server to another", "Migration of Orion products to another server with different Hostname or IP", everything went smoothly,

The question that I would remain at the moment would be if, in the case of having installed a SQL Server 2012 SP2, and having tried to migrate the Backup of the Orion Database towards the SQL Server 2017, there had been any compatibility problem?


According to the Upgrade Advisor, there is no problem updating from the current version of my servers, and from the NPM to version 2020.2.

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@erioja I understand now. I have personally not attempted that particular migration task before. Sorry, I can't be more help from that aspect.

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