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Is WorldMap View broken?!?

Is anyone else having this issue when viewing Worldwide map?  Seems like MapQuest pulled the plug. 

The error takes you to this link. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

Any help or info would be great.  We use this heavily on all our NOC views.


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Level 9


Do you have some news about the patch for version 11.5 ? customer would like some news

A Hotfix for 11.5.3 should be available by end-of-week.

aLTeReGo​ for President!  You rock!

Level 11

Great work. Hot Fix 3 did it for me as well.

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Hot Fix didn't work for me, still getting the same error.

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bangiopicher​, please re-run the Configuration Wizard to see if that resolves the issue. If it does not, please open a case with support so we can determine the cause of the issue. Also, if you've customized any of the files referenced in this thread by other users in an attempt to fix the issue on your own, you may need to delete the SolarWinds website entirely from the IIS directory and then re-run the Configuration Wizard before this hotfix resolves the issue. Be sure to read through the steps outlined in my post below before applying the hotfix.

SolarWinds Orion Platform 2016.1 Hotfix 3 - Worldwide Map

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aLTeReGo​ , this hot fix does or does not work for NPM versions below 11.5.3? The back and forth in the thread got me confused a bit.

We're running 11.5.2, would we have to do a minor dot upgrade then run the hotfix? Or was the correction in the thread above to say you must have 11.5.x?

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Hi Guys,

Great to see a fix is ready.  I have logged into the customer portal but I cannot find out how to download the HotFix.  Where do we go for this?

Thanks again.

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Level 10

Spot on, guys! Hot fix 3 worked and management can get off my back. Thank you for not forcing me to get an alternate solution in place. Great job!

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Level 8

Fix to use OpenStreetMap:


var mapquestUrl = httpsRevise('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png'), 
subDomains = ['otile1', 'otile2', 'otile3', 'otile4'],


var mapquestUrl = httpsRevise('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png'), 
subDomains = ['a', 'b', 'c'],

Only works with normal map, not sat nor hybrid.

The workaround does work for me. Please dont use the base.js file included in the post. Just edit your original base.js file with the access token key and it will fix the issue. The node will be also auto populated as well.

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Level 13

I would recommend my "poor man's" World Map, as long as the map doesn't need to be interacted with and you don't rely heavily on auto-placement.

Go to Google Maps (or your preferred mapping provider).

Take a screenshot of the area you need.

Create a map in Network Atlas using that screenshot as the background.

Place your nodes.

Replace the World Map resource with this map.

This has sufficed on our Executive eye candy display board until SolarWinds can get a fix out.

Level 10

We moved to Solarwinds from Zenoss and we are light years ahead of where we were from a visibility, correlation, alerting, reporting, ease of use, and the list goes on and on.  Honestly, one of the best decisions I've made, and despite the shiny new ZenOss website and release of version 5, I'd never go back.

You must be a small shop who accepts occasional downtime, limited management capabilities and have very poor coding and UNIX skill sets.

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Hardly.  I'm pretty transparent about my 'shop' on my profile and was simply offering some insight on the alternative solution you mention.  Grass isn't always greener, but if you think it is, then by all means go.   

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You're absolutely right and I apologies, I'm upset at the situation and directed that toward you and deserve the backlash.

I'm just not happy with how Orion has been performing for us. I'll leave it at that.

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I feel sorry for you.. really. Your unhappiness is not because SolarWinds supposedly "messed up", it is because you allow anger into your life. Now think of it - what are you in control of? Honestly? Nothing! You are not even in control of your own thoughts (me too by the way). And if so - how much longer you will be allowing external circumstances dictate your state?

Quick fix: stand up right now, jump up-and-down 10 time, smile like crazy, wave your hands around - then sit down and notice how you feel .. better? Now - let it go and do something useful for your client/employer. This is just a Map for God sake!

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I apologized to tkercher because I was in the wrong and I deserve it but your now just in the same boat I'm in and not really helping the situation, so while your feeling sorry for me I'll feel sorry for you. SolarWinds did mess up and if you can't acknowledge that then you're just in denial. The map is just the icing on the cake this week after Orion crashed and was down for 2 hours due to a known error that is fixed in the latest version which we were testing in lab before deploying to prod. I have a legitimate reason to be upset at Solarwinds and no amount of "jump up-and-down" will solve this, it might for you but these issues will still persist until we complete our testing and deploy the new version and Solarwinds fixes the world map.

I think this is the first attempt at flaming/trolling that I've seen on the Thwack forums... most of the community is much friendlier.

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This type of response is uncalled for and does not contribute to the discussion at hand.

You're right I can't disagree with you there. the issue at hand is that Orion messed up and I'm upset about it, my bad.

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