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Is WorldMap View broken?!?

Is anyone else having this issue when viewing Worldwide map?  Seems like MapQuest pulled the plug. 

The error takes you to this link. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

Any help or info would be great.  We use this heavily on all our NOC views.


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As a piece of incentive to SolarWinds, I offer the following:

Our company is getting tired of the following:

  • Giving Monitoring servers the 3-finger salute to fix problems
  • A monitoring system built on a series of cryptic DLLs that remind me of  playing Twister as a child.
  • Not being able to upgrade in place without an outage
  • Products that aren't really bonded together but live in the same DB (IPAM for example)
  • Upgrades that are teasers for the next upgrade.  11.5 was a tease for 12.0.  We all know that.
  • Now dead maps that are visible to SUITS in the office that have signing authority > $1M

We have a growing support to switch to something like

Our yearly maintenance agreement is $140,000 (Canadian).  That is spilt milk.

Oh, and deleting this post just adds another bullet point.

Hey cgregors​. I feel you pain, this issue is rather painful for a lot of people.

Allow me to address some of your points:

  • You don't need to restart the primary polling engine to fix most issues. A refresh of the Orion services sorts most blips out, and if that doesn't work, running the Configuration Wizard and choosing to repair the effected section/component generally will.
  • No comment, what the app is built on is not my concern as long as it does the job most of the time
  • Yeah, this is a pain, but when you have to upgrade the Orion database schema, which is the case during all upgrades, there's no getting away from this downtime!
  • Things will get better. Look at the improvements to SRM over STM as proof! Hang in there! Follow the product blog to keep updated with improvements.
  • Baby steps are not unusual in IT. Look at Windows 8. That was a teaser for 8.1, and 8.1 was a trial run for Windows 10.
  • No comment, visibility to all is a personal choice, not a SolarWinds feature.

There's no doubt that MapQuest's change has caused major embarrassment for SolarWinds. The fact of the matter is, however, that it was a change in the way MapQuest allows access to their tiles that caused this problem, and this is totally out of SolarWinds control.

As to Zenoss, it has a multi-master architecture that does not use SQL (OpenTSDB/HBase instead), hence no downtime when updates are deployed. Orion will have HA soon, when the HA option is made live, but until Orion ditches SQL, there's no avoiding the dreaded downtime

Take a look at the SAM 6.3 BETA for more information on  Orion HA.

- Jez Marsh
Level 10

Speaking of Solarwinds fixing the issue, it has been three days now. Do we have a resolution, team?

I know it seems trivial, but a lot of management personnel look at these maps every day and have come to rely on them to be there. The lowly IT staff are feeling the heat for the "big guys" to get their mappy back.

I am this close to taping a paper map to the wall and putting red and green pins in it.

Awesome idea!

When it's fixed, take a full desktop screengrab if it working, then use that as a screensaver if it goes wrong again, then have the screensaver running all the time

- Jez Marsh

love it! ... how do you come up with such ideas?! ... thinking-out-of-the-box-indeed-thump-up

Chaps, I really think you'd be better off waiting for SolarWinds themselves to fix this. Any solution we cobble together ourselves, will be wiped out when the hotfix for this is released. Any changes we make to our installations may have adverse effects on the deployment of said hotfix.

That said, you're all being clever enough to backup the original files first, so as long as you put those back before running the hotfix, you "should" be OK...

- Jez Marsh

I understand changing this requires time on Solarwinds part, but I also understand where these admins are coming from.  For some organizations, maps are the reason Solarwinds was purchased.  If I used maps at my organization I know we would be calling Solarwinds left and right raising hell about this...while doing anything and everything I can to get them back ASAP.

Indeed, john.ta​! I just wanted to point out that whilst "fixing" as described in this thread could be seen as a 'modification' by SolarWinds support, and hence not supported if you b0rk your install

- Jez Marsh
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Pins stop working if you alter SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll.config as per the first set of instructions. Remove that, restart your services and pins should be back.

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Gentlemen, the fix to the grey bg issue is to input the API key like this: access_token=pk.ey...')

Not like this: access_token=(pk.ey...)')

Thanks to wallyollie for that clarification. The map is back but the pins are also gone. There is progress but we need a little bit more of guidance.

Hi Delacres,

Thanks, the fix is working for me!!



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Hi Wallyollie,

I replaced base.js but nothing changed for me too. I'm seeing grey background.

I need restart any orion service?


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Level 9


You can track your Base.js file from IIS and make required changes.

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Level 9

Getting a grey background after inserting the API token.

Do I need to update anything else in base.js..

May be subdomains..?

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Grey background too.

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Here is a link that support stated would be updated when there is new information about this issue.

WorldWide Map message from MapQuest "As of July 11, 2016, direct tile access has been discontinued."...

Level 11

We have managed to fix this..

We have made some changes to the Base.js file in the worldmap.js folder under orion/js/


I have attached the base.js file and in here you have to find the var for mapquestUrl = httpRevise looks like the below

    var mapquestUrl = httpsRevise('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token=(OMITTED)'),

you will need to go to and get yourself an API Token and replace the token where it says '(OMITTED)' once done you can change this on the fly without having to restart any webservices but you will need to do a flush cache on browser which is what we needed to do.

Also make sure you dont have any addtional files in the worldmap.js folder so make a copy of the base.js file and move it to the desktop and replace it with the attached.. bare in mind I am currently running the following :

:Orion Platform 2015.1.2, NCM 7.4, NPM 11.5.2, DPA 10.0.0, QoE 2.0, NTA 4.1.1, IVIM 2.1.0, SAM 6.2.2

Thank you ashley. It has worked for me as well.

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I'm having trouble getting the nodes to populate on the map, they don't auto-populate and I also can't manually place them. Did you encounter this behavior at all?

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Great find Ashley!

I'm trying to implement it myself currently, but can't quite seem to get it working...

I have been to the Mapbox website, created an account, and got my API link from the Mapbox Studio:{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token=pk.ey<KEYHERE>

I then edited the 3 entries in my Base.js to show:

        var mapquestUrl = httpsRevise('{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token=pk.ey<KEY HERE>'),

However the Map within SolarWinds is still showing the errors.

Is there anything I else I need to edit?

Thank you.

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The fix is partially working for me. I can see the map but i could not see any node on the map. Can you guys please help ?

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