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Is WorldMap View broken?!?

Is anyone else having this issue when viewing Worldwide map?  Seems like MapQuest pulled the plug. 

The error takes you to this link. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

Any help or info would be great.  We use this heavily on all our NOC views.


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I ran into the same issue as jimmypham1985; map shows up but zero nodes.  Tried in numerous browers / cleared cache.  Etc.

Worked great.  I made a mistake in my first attempt at implementing this with the old CTRL-V.  Thanks for posting this workaround.

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great stuff ! This works for me, but the bit missing from the instructions is that an API from map quest doesn't work, this does work with an API token from

also backup the orginal base.js and move it away file from the directory it lives in, dont rename it .old or similaras that seem to stop the fix from working.

I have applied this to npm 11.5.3 and npm 12 and its working!

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Hi Wallyoliie. I'm also using NPM 12, is the Base.js file located somewhere else? Can't seem to find it. 😕 Can you share with me its directory? Thank you.

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Nice one ashley.cotter, works for me like a treat on Orion Platform 2015.1.3

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I followed the directions but couldn't get this to work.  It still shows the Mapquest errors.

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This doesn't work for me either, but I do see Powered by Leaflet in the lower right corner of the map now.  The errors are gone and I just get a grey background on the map.

edit:  got it working, it was a simple copy paste problem.  thanks so much!!!!

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How should the token be applied to the following?

access_token=(pk.ey...)') or just access_token=pk.ey...')

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just access_token=pk.ey...')

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Did you do a cache clear on your Browser?

also make sure you get your own API token but be aware as Dobbs​ advised there are commercials involved with private sites.. but I think we would need to read abit more about LIC for MAPBOX and what classifies a "Private site"

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Awesome work!  I got it fixed.  I had to remove the old base.js, I had renamed it not moved it.  I also pasted the token inside your () instead of removing those.

Thanks so much!!

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Great work Ashley

Be aware that the license terms for Mapbox is that the use of the free account is for free and publicly accessible sites. The paid subscription is required to allow you to run on private applications at a not insignificant starting point of $499 p/m

A hotfix is likely to come very soon from SolarWinds

That is very interesting.. May need to find another Map Provider but as a POC it seems that we're able to get a work around for the time being

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I think it's safe to say that SolarWinds customers will not accrue an additional expense in order to return the World Maps to full functionality. The sheer #2 storm that would result would be extremely bad for business!

My advice: Don't rush out and buy your own MapQuest subscription. SolarWinds will sort this fairly quickly

Also, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to use your own key, since the key Orion uses is heavily embedded in the code and not easily modified. If you were to modify it, there's always a chance something else will break somewhere due to likely triggers/hooks. Best to leave this to those that know how Orion is coded, do avoid any FUBAR scenarios!

- Jez Marsh

Yup. That key is all kinds of "up in there." Though as others have said (ahem planglois ) perhaps from these events; some Feature Request bumps are in order -

Remember THWACKERS - your votes translate into what they gear development towards. The admins are listening

Indeed! More features = more bang for your buck/pound/euro/galactic credit, people!

- Jez Marsh
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The API key appears to be hardcoded into SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.dll - So good luck changing that.

However C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\js\WorldMap.js\Base.js contains a line..

url: '{R=Live.Web;K=Core.MapQuestApiKey}',

Perhaps replace "@{R=Live.Web;K=Core.MapQuestApiKey}" with a key you sign up for??

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Good sleuthing, but changing the API key won't fix this. SolarWinds' MapQuest API key is fine and fully paid up. What needs to happen to get the world map resource working again is that we have to adopt MapQuest's plugin for Leaflet.js​ instead of accessing the the map tiles using the generic Leaflet TileLayer component as we have for years.

Cheers for the heads up tdanner​! I hope the move to the new java isn't a major re-code for the shiny new NPM 12 / Orion core.

Goram 3rd parties! ​*shakes fist*

- Jez Marsh
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yeah, I've had to try and explain this to my boss while we at the moment have to review all our systems and the main reason we are trying to keep this is for the maps. you've really shot yourselves in the foot solarwinds, worst timing ever lol. a discount on our next licence renewal might go a long way.

Just had this happen to our main display board (mostly a window dressing display for management)... unfortunately my director saw it before I did...