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Is WorldMap View broken?!?

Is anyone else having this issue when viewing Worldwide map?  Seems like MapQuest pulled the plug. 

The error takes you to this link. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

Any help or info would be great.  We use this heavily on all our NOC views.


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Indeed. This KB article was removed by support as it is no longer relevant and was causing customers who were experiencing this issue with Worldwide Maps lots of confusion.

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We have applied the Core hotfix and the error page details have gone away, but we still have not seen the actual map. Does this take time to pull in or should it be immediate?

Best Regards,

Derik Pfeffer

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derik.pfeffer​, you may need to clear your browser cache. If that doesn't resolve the issue, others have reported success uninstalling and re-installing the hotfix. Ensure the Configuration Wizard runs through completion and run an 'iisreset' to ensure the site is recompiled. 

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can it be pointed to Bing Maps or GoogleMaps API?

I was just thinking - we'll have to go back to Google API, but I think that's a little bit of involved setup.  Really don't have time before my Go-Live tomorrow for this..... guess I may be hiding the maps for a little bit.

We really need to have those tiles saved locally somehow. This would solve excessive/expensive APIs calls as well as the need for having internet access from the poller, which I know is a problem for many of us here.

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That's what I would do...if I knew how to do it .

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Glad to see there is already a thread going for this.  I walked into the office a few minutes ago to find the maps broken as well.  I'm trying to call SolarWinds Support but still in a hold queue, so seeing others report the problem here confirms this is not just me.  I'm finding it hard to believe that SolarWinds didn't have advanced knowledge of this and get a solution out *before* it broke.  Like others mentioned, we also use the map as part of our NOC views and it's functionality is, shall we say, rather diminished.

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I just wrapped up my call with SolarWinds Support.  It seems they had some level of awareness of the issue but it wasn't clear how much advanced notice they had.  The "quick" fix is to register with MapQuest (as explained in the link in the map background, reposted here: Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog ).  The Free account will provide 15,000 transactions per month.  If this refers to map (page) loads, then I can easily see exceeding this threshold.  My concerns with this quick fix are that (1) I don't feel it's appropriate I subscribe to a 3rd party service (MapQuest) to use features that were advertised as available in the SolarWinds NPM, and (2) I especially don't want to pay additional for these services.  I was told my concerns would be raised up to Product Management and that alternative map solutions may be considered.

ok, so I have tried to add the MAP QUEST key to the solarwinds.core.businesslayer.dll.config in many variations. This does not work as I think this is the Geo Location service not the tiles. So far SolarWinds have not been able to tell where you actually put the API key once you have one. I suspect there is not anywhere to put it.... Hopefully I am wrong and some help is given ASAP


<add key="MapQuestKey" value="Consumer Key" />


<add key="Consumer Key" value="Consumer Secret" />

both do not get this working again.

Yup. This is what I'm interested in knowing - or if another service's API Key is easily substitutable Google Maps, OpenStreetMap,, Wunderground, etc. OR are we locked into MapQuest. Yikes!

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I received a similar response. I'm seeking some clarification. My boss will not be happy if we have to get some type of additional paid account to use the WorldView map that "worked yesterday." That effectively makes that resource DOA and we might as well roll our own maps with whomever's Geodata suits us best which is unfortunate.

Furthermore - if thats the "official" stance (I'm really hoping its not) - we're going to need some careful instructions and documentation on how we're supposed to implement our own API Keys into this functionality. I've yet to receive that documentation from support.

Simply advising to get a "free" account...that's not gonna get it done.

Thanks for the update. I would agree on both points and I would still push my message across that we do need a local repository for those tiles, even if some of us are ok with 3rd party + exra payment plan

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I agree that a local repository would be helpful.  As you point out in another post, this would save on excessive/expensive API calls.  It may make registering with MapQuest more palatable if this is the only near-term fix.  Though I suspect MapQuest would be none too happy about lost revenue opportunities. 

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I don't think we should be calling them - they already know themselves. Save them time to come up with some solutions...


Do you know in advance what exactly you will be doing 4 hours 57 minutes and 12 seconds from now? Sometime sh*** happens - let them deal with this. I have seen wallyollie​ has already jumped on fixing API himself - what did *you* do to help it?

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Not sure I agree with you man. If you're under maintenance and you have an issue - you should definitely be reaching out for support. Now I don't think you should act like a jackal towards them but ask for help? Sure.

It is a little odd they didn't see this one coming but maybe MapQuest didn't publicize their changes or maybe a ball just got dropped. It happens. SolarWinds has a great support team and I'm sure they'll find a solution.

Ugh. I wonder if their "Demo" maps at Cisco Live are jacked up too...eeek.

Seriously?  When I purchase a product I really do expect it to work and the vendor to support it when it doesn't.  I'm not a software developer, I have no idea how to write an API.  If I did, then perhaps I wouldn't have needed to buy a product but written my own.

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Hey, hold the fire! Who told you they are not dealing with this already and not going to support?! Give them some time - they will definitely respond. This is not something that happens every day. Besides, look around - people just like you (customers I mean) are already steaming and getting hands dirty to help with this situation. So, relax - if you are dumb with APIs, like myself - we just have to be patient and wait for the Magic

Thwack Home Page | Personal Blog

I haven't found any alternatives other than rolling your own map in a Custom HTML but you'll still need to move some files around and have a Developer API Key for your Geodata source - which most have a "free" tier for X number of calls - but then they start charging - I'm not sure if that's controlled in the API GET Requests or not.

I went looking for the implementation of the "WorldMap" to see if we could snipe another API key in there but I haven't found it yet. What versions of NPM are you all running? I'm seeing this on 12 - weren't we using OpenStreetMap data at some point? I can't quite remember.

I'm sure SolarWinds will get it sorted, they almost always do. I've opened a ticket for my system, I would encourage you all to do the same so they KNOW its a problem and who/where will need the fix.

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We too have lost our MAPs which our NOC rely on to see the geographic distribution of Nodes on the network.

Do Solarwinds have an ETA for a solution?

Perhaps, switch to googlemaps?