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Is WorldMap View broken?!?

Is anyone else having this issue when viewing Worldwide map?  Seems like MapQuest pulled the plug. 

The error takes you to this link. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

Any help or info would be great.  We use this heavily on all our NOC views.


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For those where the patch is not working with IE on 11.5.3, try the following solution from Solarwinds Support that has worked for me.

(I would also suggest you make a backup of the base.js file outside of the Map.js folder before modifiying the file.)

"Hi Roger,

Please try the following:

On the Orion server,

1) Browse to the Solarwinds Inetpub folder.

2) By default,
Edit this file using notepad.

3) Next, remove at the beginning of the file remove that section. Please refer as attached.

4) Next, close launch a new IE  browser and try to browse to the Orion webconsole again.

Best Regards
Solarwinds Support"

worldwidemap (002).png

Hi aLTeReGo,

I know im a little late to the party on this one however do you know if this applies to NPM 12 ?



That worked for me as well.

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Its interesting the IE problem is only in 11.5.3. We've a prod system on 11.5.3 and another system running 12 in parallel that we are migrating over to at the moment. version 12 is not having any issues

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upgraded to 11.5.3 today and applied the fix. now I've got the same issues as others where chrome will work but not firefox or IE 11 (without running developer tools). can solarwinds advise if there is another hotfix in the works?

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SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.3 Hotfix 3

This hotfix addresses an issue where the Worldwide Map resource is broken in IE 11 browser, and includes hotfixes 1 and 2 for SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.3.

The hotfix is cumulative with SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.3 Hotfix 1 and SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.3 Hotfix 2 that addresses the following issues:

  • Ignoring interfaces doesn't work when caption was changed.
  • Long Running Query Warning for OrionMap.
  • List resources fail because BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll has reference to nunit.framework.
  • Add Link to Customer Portal PUA from In-Product Notification Dialog.
  • Worldwide Map resource is unusable
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thank you kindly. the maps are now working again

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Level 9

Is there a solution for IE11 ?

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Just upgraded to v11.5.3 from 11.5.2 and applied hot fix, all of which went okay (mostly) but we are getting the same issue with group icons not displaying on map despite having 319 objects. Also new map objects placed manually do not display.

Update - Looks like map points are broken in IE11. Chrome displays icons correctly but not tested any other browsers as yet. Changing compatibility mode in IE11 as per previous post (press F12 etc.) gives an error:

Unable to get property 'StatusInfo' of undefined or null reference

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Is there going to be a hot fix released for 11.5.2?

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A hotfix for 11.5.2 specifically will not be released. I would recommend applying 11.5.3 or upgrading to NPM 12.

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What about your comment earlier in this thread

"Hotfixes will be made available only for currently supported versions, regardless of your maintenance status. This means if you are running say NPM 11.5 and have been out-of-maintenance for longer than a year, you would still be entitled to this hotfix since NPM 11.5 is still an officially supported version. If you were running NPM 10.2 however, regardless of maintenance status a hotfix will not be available since NPM 10.2 is no longer an officially supported version."

We are on 11.5.2 and Maintenance is not current.  Is this statement now false?

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See post #113 in this thread.

11.5 is the major revision number, but 11.5.3 is the minor revision or patch level.

If you are at 11.5.2 I believe you should still have access to upgrade to 11.5.3 even if your maintenance is out, but you will not have access to version 12.

I will cede to the Solarwinds employees wisdom on this.

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Sorry to inform you that isn't how it works... to get any updates you must be under maintenance.

Ah ha! Well, that's good to know. Thanks.

There now is an excellent reason to stay current with your maintenance contract!

I know it kinda a bummer but you're right!

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11.5.x is a release branch. SolarWinds has never released hotfixes for all variations of a particular release branch. It's simply not feasible, nor practical to do so. In many cases the prerequisites and interdependencies for the fix include changes that were made to the service release. Thus making a separate and independent release moot since it would essentially contain the same content as the service release.

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This discussion is painful to read.  I will ask the question really being asked here:

aLTeReGo, can jschoenecker (and others in his situation) receive a free upgrade to 11.5.3, without current maintenance, so they can implement this hot fix?

Nope! Solarwinds staff have already said that you must either upgrade to 11.5.3 or to version 12.

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