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Level 11

Invoking SWIS by a VBscript


Is there any way to invoke SWIS using VBscript ?

I´m looking for a practical example.

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Level 11

I ´m trying find a vbs script to invoke SWIS in this forum, with nosuccess...

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Since you aren't getting many bites specifically in Orion you'll probably have to just adapt an example from any other rest API

Posting JSON to a restful API with vbscript - ThomasCremers

The closest orion specific thing I could find to the vbscript style is probably this perl script sample.

OrionSDK/ at master · solarwinds/OrionSDK · GitHub

When I was first learning to interact with the API I used Postman a lot as well to test my payloads and see the responses I got back that way I could at least verify the json payload I wanted to use without having to worry about syntax and quirks from my scripting language.

Postman | API Development Environment

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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