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Inventory report on all nodes by Polling Method

I searched through the entire report writer tool to find the field Polling Method which is a available on the web console Node Management page.  In report writer I can't find it.  My intention is for an Inventory report that lists all Nodes and the Polling Method (ICMP or SNMP)


I currently have a report providing me with the Node name, IP address, and SNMP community string.  Problem with that is the output of SNMP community string is the actual value which I can't figure out how to mask.  For the devices without a community string, it just has no value which is fine.

Either I need the output for SNMP Community string to "mask" the actual value


I need the Polling Method field to output ICMP or SNMP.


Is this possible?

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Level 11

Here is how I look that info up. If you go under settings and manage nodes you can add it to your view. Then you can sort by it or if you group by vendor then sort by polling method.




Or you can use the report writer. Select all nodes and custom table. Then select the node name and polling method.




Level 16

I just had to do a similar report for all of my SNMP nodes in SWQL studio. You can skip the Where clause if you need all nodes.

SELECT TOP 20000 IPAddress, ObjectSubType

FROM Orion.Nodes


ORDER by 'IPAddress'

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Level 7


Not sure if you still require this (I know it's been 5yrs) but may help other users as I came across this post looking for the same thing.

Anyway, I worked out how to do this via a custom table. I am reporting on all nodes (no further criteria).

Now edit your table layout.

- Add Node Name (Nodes > Node Name).

- Add Polling Method (Nodes > Polling Method)

I then sorted the results by Polling Method.

I have also attached the export of my report.

Hope this helps some others

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Level 15

In the nodes table the ObjectSubType column has the data you are looking for.  You could modify one of the existing inventory reports to include this data.  It will return either ICMP, SNMP, or WMI as the type.