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Level 9

Interface graph shows massive fluctuation

I have several interface graphs that show a massive amount of fluctuation over certain periods in Orion. However graphs on the same interface in Cacti over the same interval do not show this fluctuation. Anyone have any theories on what might cause that?

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Level 15


I think this is more an optical illusion due to the height difference between both charts. I reduced the height of the Orion chart and they pretty look like twins. Let me know what you think.

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The high points are the same. If you look at the cacti graph each horizontal line is 20mbps so the peak is around 180M for both. It is all the spurious low readings that concern me.

I configured the devices to use 64 bit counters and will have to monitor them for a few days and see but that could very well be the issue.

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Level 13

This could be caused by Solarwinds not using 64 bit counters when polling the device.

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Hmm... I didn't think of that, but could very well be. I create all my interface graphs in cacti with 64 bit counters by default.

If I allow 64 bit counters does that take effect immediately?

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Yes, I believe it does.

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