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Interesting that this question from SCP sample tests answer really isn't true with NPM???

Interesting that this question from SCP sample test's answer really isn't true with NPM:

Note: I'm assuming that when the question says NMS that SolarWinds would want this to be NPM

You have recently started deploying a new type of router on your network.

What should you do to ensure that the SNMP traps received from these devices are correctly interpreted by your network management system (NMS)?

A. contact the router vendor for a firmware update

B. review your firewall rules to ensure the traps are not being blocked en route

C. contact the router vendor for the latest MIBs and apply to your NMS

D. verify that your NMS is using the correct SNMP community strings

We can't apply MIB's of our own to NPM... correct?  No MIB compiler built in.

Shouldn't it really include: and post devices SysObjectID in unknown devices so they get added to SysObjectID database in next version of NPM.  And MIB get added to main MIBdb you can download from customer portal.

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Level 21

My guess is that this question is intended to be more of a general question about network management and running an NMS and in that case it would be true.   However, I have to admit that it's ironic that in this case Orion doesn't fit the standard mold.  = )

Correct, the question is designed to test for general network management knowledge.  Importing the MIB into the NMS is the right answer, although how that’s accomplished can vary from solution to solution.

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Level 13

Hey Bill--

I'll let the PMs and Thomas H. know about this post. Thanks for the info.


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