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Integration Orion and Remedy

How I do the integration of the Orion and Remedy? Someone can explain me?

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Hi Taina,

You could do it with Ayeu eyeShare, a lightweight IT automation solution.

It has a built in integration with both Orion and Remedy so you could get alerts from Orion and open tickets in Remedy within a few minutes.

Here you have an example of such integration between SolarWinds NPM and ServiceNow but the same can be done for Remedy: Integrating Ayehu eyeShare with SolarWinds and ServiceNow - YouTube.

Try it for yourself.



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We never had Orion but another CMDB integrated with Remedy. In our case the DBA had views created which we consumed by web service.

If you are working with DBA's then they might allow you to write back into a table that they approve and update their tables from( for example adding new ticket details and notes) or if they don't allow direct DB access then you'll need to work with them to create you a web service (wsdl) which you can connect up with Orion SDK web service.

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Level 15

Have to see how the program can accept integration, if for scrip ( to  DB), email (which triggers an email alert)

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