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Installation Help Needed

Hi Masters/Techies/Readers.

We have installed following modules

NPM for ~1300 Elements,/~4000(~1300up,       ~2700down) interfaces on Machine-A(Vm of Hyper-v)

SRM for ~200 elements on Machine-A(vm of Hyper-v)

Virtual Mangr ~2 Hosts on Machine-A (Vm of Hyper-v)

Infrastructure is about 150 switches,  ~1300 end points,  ~4000-6000 interfaces (up, down,  Active,  unplug),  2 hypervisors,  20 servers,  2-5 dhcp,  1 dns...etc


Guest installed in Hyper-v.

Windows server2012 R2

Intel xenon 2.4 cpu

Ram 32gb,


Machine B:

Guest installed in Hyper-v

Window server 2012 R2

Intel xenon 2.4 cpu

Ram 32 gb

Apps installed: SQL standard for primary polling engine


Now we want to install following additional modules.

NCM for ~200 devices

NTA for ~1300 devices,  2 applications

IPAM for ~1500 IPs

Please give me an advice for a healthy installation. Some sources said that NTA is heavy loader,  some said installing in vm is not a good choice. Iam confuse in this all.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

How did your installation go?

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Level 11

I'd assume that the concern for NTA install as a VM was based on the bandwidth requirements, however NTA isn't super bandwidth heavy. You will need a third server, though, for NTA's dedicated flow storage database. We've run our 3 servers (with a similar scope) as a VM with no problems. In fact, we use a shared SQL database, as opposed to a dedicated one, so you've got us there.

If you look at some of the installation documents ( NTA Installation - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support for example) you'll see their recommendations for a separate flow storage server.

If you are concerned about bandwidth/resource utilization, I would suggest slowly ramping into your NTA deployment - don't add every node all at once, and if it starts eating up more resources than you expected, you can always investigate a physical server alternative while maintaining a working VM.


EDIT: I'd like to also state that I have nearly all of the same modules - NPM, NCM, IPAM, NTA, and VNQM - with slightly less resources per machine than you (and about the same amount of nodes/elements) and working fine with no bandwidth or resource concerns.

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