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Install on Always on SQL Server

we are running a migration and trying to get the new install to connect to SQL always on server instance. 

During the configuration wizard it constantly fails and we see that its adding the instance name to the always on server name.


using the servername\instance name works, but it wont proceed with the always on name (which doesnt work with instance name).

tried to load the sql 2017 client/driver but it doesn't seem to use it.

anyone else get this working? 

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Level 9

saw this

but the drivers are no longer valid from microsoft and not sure what the current options are.

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Are you pointing the configuration wizard at the availability group listener that you have setup in SQL server? There's no need for a driver, if there is... SolarWinds handles it for you.. I've never needed to worry about that ever in a new deployment.

Might help to read up on AG's...

I'm using an AG, have been for years since SolarWinds first released support for them. They work very well once you learn the nuonces...

Hopefully this will in some way help you in your situation. Good luck.
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