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Information on NAM License

We recently procured NAM 1000 license. Do we have an option to install just NPM,NCM & NTA?

Currently it is installing the whole bundle.

Also i dont see any additional license in the customer portal for APE's. We were told spinning up APE's without any additional cost. How does that work?


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Hi @johnwilly the way NAM works is it is a bundled product. It isn't just a bundle license. So when you install NAM you get all the products that come as part of that. You then choose which ones you use or don't. For example my current deployment the customer is not using IPAM or UDT at all. They use NPM, NCM, NTA the most, and have plans for VNQM. We also have SAM and LA bolted on for good measure.

For the Additional Polling Engines it works in a very odd fashion - You need to raise a ticket via the Customer Portal for APE Licenses. They will email you with some pointless questions, then they will put them in your portal. You have to do this every time you want more APE's. I've done it 3 times now, but I think next time I'm just going to request 10 so I have them when I want them.

- David Smith
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Also David, Please see below screenshot. I am not getting an option to choose the modules. Am i doing anything wrong?




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All the modules will be installed with your selection of Network Automation Manager no need to select them.

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Thank you for the information David. This is a great relief. I will do the same for APE.


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