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Improving SolarWinds support for SD-WAN


The SolarWinds User Experience (UX) team is tasked with improving the usability and usefulness of our products. Right now, we are interested in providing better support for your SD-WAN provider(s).

I'm looking for a few people to give feedback on what kind of support they'd like to see out of SolarWinds' network management suite of products. If you're interested in participating, let me know what time/day works best with your schedule and let's talk!

As with any UX call - your feedback will directly influence the direction of our products and will be heard by our Product Managers. To show our thanks, participants will receive 3,000 THWACK points for their time.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you!

Ashley Orr, UX Researcher

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In Latin America, the SD-WAN market is increasingly accelerated, I have had two requests 1 with VERSA and another with Cisco and customers require to have reachability of their virtual links, ISP providers are migrating the architecture completely to SDWAN therefore they need Determine which of the links is the one that falls to show the unavailability of the service, we have tried through Traps but we have 30 equal events since internally SDWAN has redundancies and if a link falls it falls with respect to all the other links, then it is not possible to determine which headquarters or which client is the one that is affected, physically the interface never goes down but is logically unavailable.

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