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Importing data from an external database into Solarwinds

Hey everyone, I'm a Solarwinds and Database newbie so please bear with me.

My team has been using the Report Writer custom SQL query to create a report showing devices down dependent on certain custom fields conditions.  Part of this report shows notes from our NOC on the current status of that node.  We put all the notes into an excel spreadsheet for each device and then import the spreadsheet into Solarwinds custom fields.  Our goal is to have these notes automatically populated for each node in Solarwinds without having to manually import them.  We have come up with several possible ways of doing so but don't know if they're possible:

1.  Automatically import values into custom fields from an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc at set intervals.

2.  Set up a link server to our ticket system database then Inner Join the table from the Report Writer custom query.

3.  Same as 2 but using a web service to import the data from the non-Solarwinds database.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated since I don't even know if any of these options are possible, much less how to do them.



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I know this is a pretty old post, but I was interested if you found a solution.

We are looking to do something similar. We currently keep our contact/support information for each system in a separate SQL DB, so the ability to query this via direct SQL query or possibly Web Service would be very beneficial.

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