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Import nodes from file in NPM

I need to add approximately 500 ICMP nodes to NPM 12.1. I have an excel file with node names and associated IP addresses. Is there a way to add all and include the node name? When I do  discover with just the IP addresses, the tool names all nodes with their IP addresses since they do not have SNMP ability.


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Level 12

Something like this after

Bulk Node Name/Caption Change

I cant say I have the above option as that was in a beta version


Thanks Lynchnigel,

    This worked. I just needed to have the script adjusted to point to the correct DB. I also found a way in edit nodes to import custom properties. It kept erroring out, but it looks like it was supposed to perform the same type of function. Thanks again for your quick response and help.


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Can you provide the info again, I cannot access the link above.  It says I do not have access.  I am looking to import nodes and add custom properties to them.

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There is a custom property importer within Orion in case you haven't found it, not sure if that will help.

You're welcome

Thanks! I will give this a try.

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You can always import the nodes as you was via discovery and then script adding the node name aftewards to the matching IP address.

Feature Walk-Through: Import Nodes from a File If you have the right modules and versions

I am unable to see the document

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dodo123, Thanks for the response. I unfortunately don't have the right modules and versions

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