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Ideas on Creating Groups - MPLS

We have remotes sites with a mixture of MPLS, Frame, and VPN end points.  No groups created yet, getting starting on a clean slate.

I am starting to work on MPLS remote sites.  What I am thinking of is this: Each site has one router, may have multiple switches and/or WAP's.

Node - MPLS Router/MPLS Serial InterfaceNode - Remote Router Loobpack Address
Node - Remote Router Loopback AddressGroup - Remote Switches/Wireless AP's
Groups - SwitchesGroups - Remote Servers

I am thinking that if I use the Loopback address on the remote router, I can setup alerts for the Multilink and ethernet interfaces? 

Any suggestions for custom properties (I have a custom property indicating city), I have read where others have created custom properties using Tier(x).



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Chris, do you have any internal site identifiers? What about subnet, could you just create the groups based on the IPs of the devices at the site or is that not reasonable (maybe you have overlapping subnets)?

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No internal site identifiers. I have thought about using IP's, looking into possibily going that way.

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