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IPS detected UDP_Service_Sweep


 I have some question on Orion. Our Orion is version 8.1 and apply all hotfix.

Before i apply hotfix is normally, but when i apply hotfix (1-4) my IPS detected.

Orion server sent UDP_Service_Sweep is very high to Cisco Switch.

Have recommended or detail for me solve this event?


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Level 10

I have the same problem. With a sniffer I can see a lot of udp 137 request's from Orion to nodes.
My server do not have "File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks" and "Client for Microsoft Networks" installed.
Please helpe, my network security administrator is over me!!!!!!!!!!
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Level 10


Can I stop the requests for name resolution?

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Level 19

 Orion is using standard Windows APIs to make DNS requests.  They cannot be turned off, but no one here in engineering can figure out why your security administrator would find this so disturbing.

 That said, they did suggest you take a look at this article to see if it might help.:;EN-US;323357

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Let me tell you that your help has been great!!!, thank's a lot for your help

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