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Level 15

ICMP TTL monitoring

Here is an Orion feature request that should be quite easy to implement.

ICMP echo replies not only return the response time of the polled device, but also the Time To Live of the packet.
By adding another column in the DB & recording the TTL, users could create an alert based on this value.

Normally the TTL should remain constant, but if it changes, then this indicates something has changed on the network between the poller and the polled node.
This could be an indication that routing has reconverged on the backbone, or the end device is now connected through a back-up connection.

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Level 19

 Interesting suggestion.  I've added it to the queue.  Thanks.

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I really could have used this feature today.


The latency between my poller and a Data Center has almost doubled this AM.
If this feature was available, I would be able to determine if this was due to a Layer 3 re-route to this node, or if it is an issue with the POS transport circuit itself.

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 Excellent example.

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Bump - has anyone in SW looked any further into this basic addition to the ICMP response table?

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I just checked, this is still an open enhancement request we have in the system

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