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I want to build an alert that queries a Custom Property string, I want to type the value in the alert, not select from a drop down list.

So I have some alerts I'm building and I want to be able to type in a value instead of selecting one of the set items I've defined.

I've set a Custom Property called Site that has a list of our sites with the type of connection in the site title


Pluto (MPLS)

Our environment has many different connections. MPLS being one type that several sites have.

So, I want to alert on:

Node - Site - Contains - (MPLS)      I want to be able to type the (MPLS) value in the value box. But it's only letting me select from the drop down box of all the sites I've created.

However if you go Node - Node Name - Contains -   , I can type the value in, which I did in the pic for (MPLS) and (SAT)

Picture for reference, the top string I can only select from the drop down at the very end that has (VPN) listed.


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Level 10

I wanted to come back on here to say thanks for all the great help, ideas etc on helping me with this issue.

I checked each method you all suggested, tried them out, and went back to the client showing them the options and eventually circling back to my initial suggestion of creating a custom property based on connection type only with 3 values with the alerting then built around those three connection types.

Most importantly, I was able to show a couple different ways of doing this so they knew it wasn't just opinion.

Thanks again everyone.

Well done!

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul
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Level 10

I'm going to try the suggestions everyone has posted and I'll report back here. Thanks!



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"Restrict Values" tick you need to uncheck

... its like playing with fire let us know how you get on. I would be interested to know what happens when you add this tick back - would alerting still work? Also, would you be able to modify it?

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

It certainly is

However, I don't have a "restrict values" under the edit option of this Custom Property. I only have the options in the above picture.

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Valid concern and I can assure you that all your drop down values will be lost and you will need to re-type them all again at the time you re-enable this option. (values assigned to nodes will remain though) ... I just want to re-iterate that I am very reluctant to guide you with this approach as it feels not right... you better be off with SQL trigger based on LIKE statements


With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

Wow, I seriously need another coffee. Good lord. My apologies everyone.

There may be a few ways to take care of your issues... don't be afraid to get creative.

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ye.. go on man... blast it off... we will all laugh together

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

So create a new custom property - do not advertise it, but just duplicate your values and use that Custom Property to create the alert with the inclusive - contains.

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ou, that's an idea, thanks cahunt‌ ... here is what you can do (in theory):

1. as suggested by Cahunt - create another custom property based on text and non-dropdown, say [SiteText] and do not advertise it (hide it)

2. create alert which will trigger upon custom property value change for [Site] property

3. create action to update [SiteText] with value from [Site]

4. use [SiteText] in your filter above

... brrrr... dirty... but this is potentially a workaround solution which will be fully supported by SolarWinds support as well.

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul
Level 17

Another suggestion/ workaround:

In the alert wizard, click on 'Show SWQL'. You can copy paste the SWQL and build an 'Custom SWQL Alert (Advanced)'

Level 9

Not sure if this would work (have not tried it myself) but could be worth a try.

Go to Manage Custom Properties - select your Custom Property (Site) and click Edit.

Change the Restrict Values (untick the box). Click Submit.

Go to your alerts setup and see if now you can set the condition you want (Node - Site - Contains - (MPLS)).

If it allows you - save the alert.

Go back to the Manage Custom Properties and edit the Site CP and tick the Restrict Values box to enable it again.

Check to see if the alert works as designed and then check the alert definition to see if the condition you created "sticks" after the changes to Restrict Values setting.

ralphpost I'm not sure we're using the same version? When I go into the Custom Property in question, here are my options outside of adding values to the drop down list:



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turn off the option for the drop down list - then adjust the alert to use contain of this custom property - then re enable the Restrict Values : Create a drop-down list of values

or SQL will do what you want - cultivate the alert and change to sql and adjusting that base should be easy.

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When I take the checkmark out, my extensive site list disappears. If I submit that, will that list be gone forever? I wouldn't want to have to re-enter those values when I go to put the checkmark back in.

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This is an interesting one. I tried same and I could not do it. Now, this can be "by design", because the Custom Property is based on drop-down values, however, I do agree that filter "contains" does suggests that we should be able to manually enter value. Hmm... maybe someone from Product Team can chip in to comment on this

On the other hand - why would you use two different parameters in one custom property. Just split them into [SITE] and [TYPE] - this will give you much more flexibility in the future. For example you may have a lot of devices on Pluto with different connections - MPLS, Leased Line, VPN - you name them. When it comes down to reporting and filtering - how do you easily know how many devices you have on Pluto? Or how many MPLS devices you have across all you r infrastructure and all sites? You will need a math and all these complications and extra filtering as above

So, I strongly recommenced you to split them into two


With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

Totally understand - but I'm building it the way a client wants it. I preferred a different method and spoke at length about it, much like the way you're saying, but they're not interested.

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Then you need to understand what is the reason for them not wanting to do this. Maybe they have something in mind and you can help them to do it even better then they envision it. At the end of the day, for them, it is an output that matters, not implementation. However, for you implementation is also important and more flexible it is - better for you

Below is a Custom SQL for you to do what you want. From your trigger condition step select "I want to report on Custom SQL Alert (Advances)" and paste the below into your condition field:


Nodes.Site LIKE '%(VPN)%' OR

Nodes.Caption LIKE '%(MPLS)%' OR

Nodes.Caption LIKE '%(SAT)%'

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

When I do ShowSQL and put in my values, the only button is "close" on the SQL dialogue box, which doesn't save the entries I made. I must be missing something.