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I need to setup up dependencies and alert suppression

I want to minimize alerts on nodes where I can declare the main router of a site - and anything on the subsequent subnet behind it won't alert for latency and packet loss if it the main router is suffering the problem. (if that's the best way to do it)

Can anyone help?



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The latest version of Orion sets up "Auto-Dependancies".    If you go into "Polling Settings" and turn on "Enable Auto Dependencies" they should start showing up on your dependencies resource and when you manage dependencies.   Might make your life easier than setting them manually?

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I could give it a retry - I'd like for the dependencies to be site name specific and easy for support staff here to navigate through.

Will I lose the ones I created by doing this?

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no, you won't. Script will not delete any existing dependencies.

The idea behind my naming convention is:

1. First, we prefix name with "auto_" to indicate that it has been automatically created.

2. Then, we have either letter "n" if parent is node or "g" if group.

3. Then we have ID of the parent.

4. Then we separate them with "--" just to indicate there is a link between two.

5. Then the same thing with child - n+NodeID.

Dependencies in SolarWinds are 1 to 1 relationships - so, it make sense to incorporate device/group IDs into names

Example below:


With Gratitude,
Alex Soul
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Just to clarify on that - this will require "Location" to be configured correctly on every SNMP device and this will only work with SNMP devices for now.

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

Not very device in this environment has snmp configured on it, and isn't standard across the board for those that do. It's something that would be great to tackle and implement in part with your detailed procedure but it's out of my scope for the project I'm doing for them. I'll certainly show what's possible once they get to that stage.

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exactly - I am yet to see the environment where every device is SNMP and on every SNMP device you have correct location field. In my view this is next to impossible to achieve. Therefore - default automation feature is good enough, but the one I am proposing will fit any environment Just give it a go - takes few hours to set up and understand - I will help you

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul
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Also, will these dependencies also suppress High Latency and High Packet loss alerts for nodes behind the router?

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Do not use "Alert Suppression" feature unless you fully understand what it does. It is a tricky one - search Thwack for more articles explaining how it works

I have awesome solution for creating automated dependencies. It does require some work, but it is worth it - works as a charm once implemented:

Automatic Dependencies Based On Custom Properties (Node Location)

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

I basically have several field sites, all of which have a main router. I want to make dependencies where the main router is the parent and the rest of the site nodes are children to it.

However, since the sites are grouped together by field site naturally, it won't let me assign the site as a group to the router of the site - because the router is also part of the group.

Essentially when that router starts triggering alerts - I don't want the rest of the site to do it as well.

BTW - I actually found your article while searching the archives , Cheers

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From the Main screen click on Settings -> Manage Groups

Create a new group called “Site Nodes”

In that group add in all the Nodes for that Site excluding the "main router" (use a Dynamic Query with IP Address)


Create a second group call “Site 1”

In that group add the group “Site Nodes” and the node “main router”


Now you have a structure like this

                         Site 1

          Site Nodes     Main router


Back under Settings -> Manage Dependencies, Add a new dependency on the “main router” (parent object)


Set the Dependency Name "Site 1 Main Router Dependency Group"

Select the group “Site Nodes” as the “child” object

And you are all set.

Note - if the main router is in the group "Site Nodes" it will tell you that you can't add that object as a child. that is why it needs to be specifically excluded when you create the "Site Nodes" group.

Question for you as I ran into this this morning - it appears my dependencies are working from a quick glance however, sites that have 2 routers are allowing alerts to flow through the router that's not the parent.

Is the only way around this for say, Site A, is to create a secondary Site A dependency group with all the same child nodes and the secondary router as the Parent?

Would rather not have 2 dependency group for each site. (which would be several)

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I have something somewhat similar already done, I created a site group for a specific field site and added all nodes save for the main router.

Then I make a new dependency based on the router being the parent, the existing group of nodes based on the nodes being sorted by a Custom Prop "Site" is then added as a child. Only issue I see and I don't think there's a way around it, is if you add a new node and select the Site name in the Custom Property, it'll go into the group of nodes based on Site for that specific field site, but won't go into the dependency that was created. You would have to add it manually there....

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