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Level 9

Hubble Logging

Does anyone know how to enable Hubble Logging?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi lawer26,

You can enable Hubble using the "Log Adjuster" application (should be available from the start menu), Hubble provides a way to help identify resources which are slow to load. Once enabled all Orion users will see an additional iframe at the top of the page which details for each view as you navigate.

Are you troubleshooting a specific issue?




Can you please tell me where I can find the results of the hubble tool ?



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The results can be found on the server hosting the Solarwinds website in the directory:

C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion in the file hubble.log


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Level 12

Hi lawyer26,

please change value to "true" in c:\inetpub\solarwinds\web.config (or any location where your web-site is) for section  <add key="HubbleActive" value="true"/>    

We recommend to make backup copy of web.config file before making changes and  save it to another location (not in a Web-site folder)


would like to know what does Hubble logging help in?

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