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How to update report schemas in 10.4.x?

We used to update report schemas, so that custom properties would work in reports, via the Custom Property Editor. CPE now launches the web UI to manage custom properties. How do we propagate custom properties to reports after an upgrade pronow?


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Anybody knows how to do this on NPM 12.0? I am missing some custom properties from Report writer.

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Did you ever get this resolved?

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Have you tried to upgrade to 10.5? We fixed several missing CP issues in 10.4.2 and 10.5.

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We did a fresh install of 10.5 and then created a number of custom properties, but none of the custom properties we created show up in the advanced alert manager. They DO show up in Report Writer. Previously we would just run "Update report schema" and it would resolve the issue.

I have a case open with Solarwinds, but the engineer I received didn't even believe there was such a button and I'm not making very good progress.

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This seems to be a regular issue for the new version, it seems to me that they really missed something here as I have had this problem several times as well.  I am actually working on fixing such an issue right now by running the config wizard as suggested by SW Support.

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That was ultimately what resolved it for me.

For future reference, ask the tech to look up ticket 454357 - that should point them in the right direction.

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Thanks Leon!

I wish they would allow us to look up 454357 so we can read it.



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The customer was on NPM 10.4.2 and SAM 5.5.

1) Install NPM hotfix 1 and 2

2) Run Configuration Wizard

3) Reboot the servers, but this should not be required.

The customer did all of those actions, and the custom application properties are now showing up in the alert trigger options.

We have the same problem after upgrading to 10.5. Since the Custom Property Editor is replaced we also had to run the Configuration Wizard to solve it.

Since this causes downtime for us; Please - bring back our "Update Report Schemas"

Updating Report Schemas

If you have added custom properties to the database, you will need to upgrade the report schemas on ...

To update report schemas for custom properties:

1. Ensure that Report Writer is closed, and then click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Grouping and Access Control > Custom Property Editor.

2. Right-click on the toolbar, and then click Customize

3. Click the Commands tab, and then click Properties in the category list.

4. Drag Update Report Schemas to the toolbar to add a new button to the toolbar.

5. Close the Customize window.

6. Click Update Report Schemas on the toolbar.

7. Click OK after the custom properties have been added to the report schemas.

8. Close the Custom Property Editor.

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