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Level 9

How to set up alert for firewalls in NPM.

I am attempting to add a few FW to NPM with no success.  I selected options:

Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP

SNMP Version: SNMPv2c

Port: 161

Community String: public

When I click test I get the following: "Node does not respond with the supplied read/write community string."

Seeking tech assist.  Please advise. 


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You will need to make sure that the Solarwinds server has access to the FW via SNMP. What sort of firewall is it?

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Level 13


First, you are not trying to set up alerts, you are trying to monitor the firewalls. When that is done you can create alerts. 

But @neomatrix1217 is right, try to follow the guide. Monitoring a firewall is no different to monitor a switch when it comes to snmp. I suggest you first try to ping the device from the orion server, just to make sure the basics work first. Then you can try with snmp. 

Make sure you have allowed the orion-servers ip-adress to ask snmp queries to the node.

Good luck!

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Level 16

You can follow the steps outlined below for troubleshooting the SNMP connection.

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