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How to monitor hardware health of Dell Force10 m-MXL

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we have several Dell Force10 m-MXL switch in our network. Solarwinds showing Hardware health option in list resources. but not polling hardware health.

please let me know how it can be possible.

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Unfortunately, that thread has no answer, either.

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I would start with an SNMP walk of that device (or a documentation check) to determine the MIBs it uses for hardware health (assuming it has them).  Once you know the MIBs you can create a custom poller for them.

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Custom pollers for switch L2 and L3 ports can be complex. I do believe that this should work without custom pollers. I have a case open with SolarWinds, and am delving into Force10's support web site.

It may be that Force10 does something unexpected in regard to standard switching MIBs. But I found this in their SNMP FAQ:

Force10Networks:Technical Documentation - login required

Q. How do I calculate interface utilization, including IFG?

A. Use the standard MIB-II (RFC 1213) to monitor interfaces. To calculate a throughput value that includes the inter-frame gap (IFG), use the MIB-II octet counters and factor in the necessary constants.

But, alas, no such stats appear in NPM.

I am able to get stats for interfaces using the SolarWinds Bandwidth Gauges tool in the Engineer's Toolset. But the same ports appear grey in NPM.

See also this thread, which is about NTM, not NPM:

NTM and Dell Force10 switches

But I think I've digressed from the original post, which was about Hardware Health, which I'm also not getting in NPM.

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don't look at Solarwinds...if you have a switch that is not responding to mib II

No interface bandwidth utilization data available - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

They poll only for RFC 1213 SNMP is well known standard

make me wonder what kind of vendor is that.....

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