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How to monitor McAfee Network Security Sensor (NSS) appliance using SNMP from solarwinds orion

How to monitor McAfee Network Security sensor (NSS) appliance using SNMP from solarwinds orion

When i configure SNMPv3 on the NSS appliance and solarwinds using the following:

SNMP Version: SNMPv3

SNMP Port:161

SNMPv3 Authentication: MD5

SNMPv3 Privacy / Encryption: DES56

But doesn't seem to pull back any interfaces when listing resource on the node.

Does anyone have any experience with this setup?

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the McAfee/Intel IPS devices have a custom MIB -- they have relocated the sensor interfaces statistics to a private/enterprise area of the MIB instead of overlaying the interfaces MIB.

Open a support case with McAfee/Intel asking them to fix this (it's netSNMP based and truly is only a small matter of programming)

In the meantime you'll have to make use of Universal device pollers on the Node to pull back stats;

[I use the router either side of it for traffic estimates and universal device pollers for the physical hardware monitoring; the security solutions team is responsible for the other stats on the device, so I can't help on that]

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