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Level 7

How to limit monitoring time ....


Is there any way to limit monitoring time for some nodes or groups?

For example....let say monitor dc-01 only from 8am to 5pm.

Thank you


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Although I would also limit through alerts and reporting - if you truly need to limit polling then the Unmanage Utility could be used.

Scheduling unmanage task for nodes, interfaces and applications

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Hi Sergey,

I have been trying to do the same with my branch availability reports. I wanted to limit them from 9AM to 6PM (business hours of the day) and here is what i found useful. Hope its helpful for you as well.



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Level 11

You can limit the alerting on groups so events and alerts are not generated during "down" times.

Not quite the same, but might do the job.

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Level 7

Do you mean I have to recreate alerts and apply them to the specific group with time parameters?

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