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How to get Orion to update the node name from the hostname

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Hi all,

 So I know that Orion grabs the system name or hostname and makes that the node name.  My problem is that if we update the hostname then it no longer is the same as the Orion node name.  Is there a way to update this?  I know that it updates automatically in Cirrus, but not Orion.  Any ideas?



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It is possible to make bulk changes using the SQL queries below but you have to keep a couple of things in mind.  First, if you are using a version of NPM prior to 9 then you have to stop the  Network Performance Monitor service prior to running the SQL query to update the caption.  Also, the queries supplied below will not change the caption for any nodes that have a blank sysname field.  This will keep the Caption field from being erased for things like icmp only nodes that do not have anything in the sysname field.  All other nodes will have their caption field set to whatever value is in the sysname field.  If you have specifically renamed a node to something different that what is in the sysname field then that will be overwritten by this query.

 This first query will show you all nodes in your database where the caption and sysname fields do not match and the sysname field is not empty.  This could also be done with a Solarwinds report as mdriskell talked about earlier in the thread.  You can run this query to see which nodes will have their caption fields updated.

SELECT Caption, SysName, IP_Address FROM Nodes

WHERE((Caption <> SysName) AND (SysName <> ''))

ORDER BY Caption

 This query will update the node caption field to whatever value is currently in the sysname field.

update nodes

set caption = sysname

where caption in (SELECT Caption FROM Nodes WHERE ((Nodes.Caption <> Nodes.SysName) AND (Nodes.SysName <> '')))


Use these queries at your own peril and always make a backup of your database before making any major changes. 😃

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