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Level 9

How to disable monitoring of interface discards?

I have over 5000+ interfaces that I need to disable the monitoring of discards. This is mostly due to the way our Calix switches report discards over SNMP. It's pretty much pointless data at this point and is making flows on Orion maps look horrible. How can I quickly do this?

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Level 14

Unfortunately, when you select Interface Error Statistics it pulls both errors and discards, there's no way to collect one and not the other. This is especially annoying in cases like yours or on firewalls, where ACL denies are counted as discards. You want the interfaces errors, but not necessarily the discards.


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On my phone so I can't grab a SS but the pollers table should have all of the data you need. Start with a select * from pollers and it shouldn't be hard to figure out the update.

Something like update pollers set enabled = 0 (guessing at this) where pollertype like '%errors%'
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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I don't know but you could try turning off the Interface Errors Statistics option. 



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