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Level 9

How to delete a volume where the node is reporting on the same named volume but only the new volume is active.

So I did a re-poll and re-discover on Windows node where a volume was changed. After that I did a "List Resources" and a second "L" volume showed up. The new L volume is reporting correctly as far as size and space used but nothing for the old L volume, and I'm still getting a warning message about disk volume being -2%.

How do I get rid of the second (or the old) L volume?

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Level 12

You will need to delete the dodgy volume via Manage Nodes - expand the node to reveal the volumes, then delete the old one.

Solarwinds support has twice indicated that this is a feature of Orion & didn't comprehend that a simple volume rename shouldn't cause it to silently stop being monitored. So, every time you rename a Windows drive, you need to delete the old volume (losing the graphs) from Manage Nodes, then "list resources" on the node to add the new volume, and then set any custom properties which were lost with the old volume.

To get alerted when a volume is renamed, I use this alert trigger:

Vendor is equal to Windows
Full Name contains 😕
Volume Status is not equal to Up
Node Status is equal to Up

It has the added bonus that it would also alert when the SNMP service stops responding.

Thanks that worked.   However I wonder if Solarwinds could have it automated during the DB rediscovery.  

Thanks again

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I agree.  It would be nice to have the old volumes removed automatically when rediscovery happens.

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The PowerOrion from the Orion SDK may be a possible workaround.

Configure an custom alert that looks for the old volumes that qualifies for removal. Then have an alert action that will run a PowerOrion-based script that will remove the volume object(s) in question.

Just a thought. Maybe PowerOrion experts can chime in?

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Thanks for the alert tip.

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You may find that you need to use the System Manager on the server to delete the unwanted volume.

However, all of that volume's data will go away too. I rename the old volume to something like "this array died on 1st January 2010" and unmanage the volume, leaving it there. Users know not to worry about the volume, but can still see the used space filling before the new volume came online. Sometimes longer history is worth keeping, but if you delete the volume, that's it, the data is gone for ever.

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I didn’t want to actually delete the volume because of fact that I would loose all of the data collected from the old volume.  I just want the old volume to stop reporting.


I went to the Node Management and expanded the node and deleted the resource of the old volume.  I’m hoping that will stop the false reports.

Thanks for the help

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