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How to decommission a node and keep the data

Hi All

Just wondering if there is a way to decommission a node in Solarwinds NPM and the various sub modules and keep the data?


At the moment I want to decommission a device:

  • Keep the device in a decommissioned state so I can see historical CPU usage, and config files

At the moment I have achieved this by changing the IP to a non routed IP and put it in an "unmanaged state" for 10 years in the future. to me though this is a bit of an ugly way to do it, as I need to keep historical information, and I will need to do the above for devices that have been replaced with new hardware as well.

Any help would be appreciated.


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See data warehouse since this just goes beyond decommissioning a server and retaining data.

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How did I miss that idea! voted up..

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We have setup a custom property and automated a maintenance schedule that runs 24x7x365. When a node is decommed we edit the node and assign it the category of Decommissioned. At that point we have an automated task that runs and updated the xml file for the unmanaged nodes and puts them in an unmanaged state for 24x7x365 or until we remove them. Also keep in mind that there is a setting in Orion (can't remember right off hand where it is) that if its enabled Orion can/will alert out on unmanaged devices.

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Keeping old devices in NPM would not be the best plan, IMHO, depending on your data retention settings.

Take the defaults for instance:

Retain Detail Stats7 Days
Retain Hourly Stats30 Days
Retain Daily Stats365 Days
Retain Events30 Days

You're going to lose useful details after 30 days here. Increasing your data retention has the potential to reduce DB performance.

You'd be better served by running reports against the host/interfaces in question or exporting CSV for the same and archiving via your preferred method.



I am more interested in config stats and history of the device as a whole. I wouldn't use it too much on indepth interface analysis. I find it slightly "concerning" that doing this would reduce DB performance, when we are able to retain data on other OSS tools for multiple years without an issue. I need to retain this info more for forensic troubleshooting etc.

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Level 12

It would be a very useful feature. Please raise a Feature request, I would endorse it.


Unfortunately there is currently no way to decommission a node except for the method you have described (changing IP and unmanaging). You could create a feature request for the community to vote on (I tried searching for an existing one but my search-fu was unsuccessful) and SolarWinds may look into adding it into the product. If you do make the request, remember to post a link to it in this thread so others know to vote for it.

To make it a bit less "ugly", you could assign custom properties to your devices (e.g. Environment = Production, Testing, Decommissioned, Commissioning) and use them to filter your views, alerts, reports, etc to exclude the decommissioned devices or place them into a Decommissioned group.

Other thwack users might also have some suggestions on how they manage their old/decommissioned devices.

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