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How to create report of views?

General NPM question..

How could I catalogue so to speak the views in solarwinds, Who created them, And what they are tied too? If some of this information isn't stored in the database that's fine. I've been attempting to try to figure out either a sql query of sorts of a report category that would give me this information but it doesn't.

Even if the information is only available in raw form that's fine as well I can extract and make my own report. I'm just trying to find where is this data located. Trying the report writer I couldn't find reports specific to auditing or views. And I must of spend a good 45 minutes twisting and things in there to try and reach the data and got nothing. On the sql I had a little more success where I was able to find the views table. I think I found the table that shows what it's used for. But I haven't found how to tie the information up. But at least I found the data in raw form which again is fine. I can extract it and build my own report from it no problem.

Any experts in report writing out there can help me figure this out?


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You can use audit type events to check creation/deletion/editing views.

The audit type events are only stored for 30 days by default, so you'll only be able to see the created, edited, deleted stuff for that period of time. With that said, pretty sure you could get all the audit info you are asking for without sql or anything that elaborate. Just a regular audit events report filtered to those 3 types of events.

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