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How to create a NetPerfMon.BAK automated backup?

When using the Database Manager to schedule a NetPerfMon backup it never performs the task.  I think the reason is it have SQLexpress.  I am able to run the backup manually.  I downloaded Sql Management Studio Express 2005 but it as well is unable to run a scheduled task.  I have the capability of running windows scheduler. Is it possible to somehow use windows scheduler to run the automated backup task.  Perhaps writing a .BAT file and use scheduler to run that though I have no clue on how to write the Bat file.

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This link might help you: Automatic SQL Server Backup



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Followed the steps.  When i run the .bat is never gets past the server login.  I hit connect and then i am logged into the sql server mgmnt studio express.  i then hit execute to make it perform the backup.

Windows scheduler does not run the task at all.  "could not start".

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