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How to create Recurring snooze(Unman-aged) in solarwinds daily basis ?

Hi Guys,

  we have some sites are available running by generator daily . I want to Snooze in Non-Business hours and un-Snoozed in business hours.

can you please let me know where will  we schedule the nodes in solarwinds servers. we can maintain option available for one time schedule and directly unman aged.

can you please let me know the how to schedule the daily basis.

NPM -12.4

Please help me !

Thanks and Regards,


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Thanks for this document very useful to me. but i have one doubt here. while scheduling the task it is asking daily,weekly,monthly and one time

but here only start time but there is no end time for  snoozing. can you please elaborate i want to only non-business hours snoozing and week days.

can you please let me know.



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The part for selecting for how long pop up when you select a node.

You could also use :Powershell script to unmanage nodes using module SwisPowerShell


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