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How to apply account limitation to Events view in NPM 12 ?


We had implemented NPM 11.5.2.

We had configured some user accounts with device limitations to manage.

Those users could see only events of limited devices to their account in NPM 11.5.2.

Recently, we had upgraded NPM to 12.0.

Now, Every user can see all managed devices events.

There is no effects of account limitation on events view.

Does anyone know how to apply account limitation to Events view in NPM 12 ?


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Level 10

I'm still seeing this issue for NPM 12.3 for events. (Orion Platform 2018.2 HF6, WPM 2.2.2, NPM 12.3, DPAIM 11.1.0, SAM 6.7.0, NetPath 1.1.3)

I'm stuck at this version until I can get a SQL 2016 license and upgrade my MPE to Server 2016, so upgrading is not an option.

Syslog and Traps view seems to honor an account that has a node limitation using a custom property, but any Event Resource/ Widget and the Message Center, and Events tabs do not.

Specifically it still allows Group events and transaction event for all nodes.

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Level 9

Has this changed with any of the post rev changes?

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We also faced the same issue and had to remove the events resource from our customers views.

We have also noticed that Syslog and Trap messages where being related to the incorrect NodeID and therefore visible to the wrong customers. We believe this is due to the Polling IP also being a registered IP on another customers device.

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with traps and syslog the only way to associate an incoming UDP packet with a node is through the source IP address -- with Orion those need to be Unique

(the only way they cannot be is if nodes with the same IP address are associated with different polling engines)

1. if you have different polling engines and the source IP address being sent to a syslog server tunning on its polling engine is incorrect then that is a bug -> open a case with solarwinds

2.if the polling iP address you are using is different to the syslog/trap source IP address then look at reconfiguring your equipment so that they match.

(e.g. we have some devices providing AnyCast DNS, they all have the same virtual IP address. we have to make sure their logs come from the unique host IP address)

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This is a very important issue that we need to have a fix for.  I've added "dummy" transactions and applications to be able to limit those, but I'm unable to add enough limitations to block all object types:

Can block: nodes, applications, transactions

Cannot limit: groups

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Level 9

Hi Gangadhar,

We are a MSP using Solarwinds as our monitoring tool, and I recently have experienced the same issue that you are seeing..

Any luck on finding an answer on how to limit users from seeing other users events?

All the best,


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Hi Lindsey,

Thanks for information.

I gone through all links, it's doesn't assist me to solve my issue.

I know how to apply object view limitation to account, but i want to apply same limitation to events seen by account user.

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