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How to alert when WAN circuit switches from Primary to Backup circuit

Our Network team wants to be alerted whenever their primary circuit fails over to a backup. I have played with the Orion Advanced Alert for 'Alert me when a Neighbor down', which I've been told should handle this issue, but haven't had a 'live test' yet to see if it works when primary fails to backup circuit. Here's how I have it configured. I select the router in question, followed by the trigger conditions.

Neighbor Down Alert 2.PNG

The team previously used Nagios in the past to run a trace route and if it see's a change, then would alert if it did. I'm thinking this property 'Routing Neighbors' will handle it, but not sure if I need to identify the exact circuits in question?!?.

Can someone share insight if this looks to be the best approach to this problem, or other strategies?

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I personally didn't have much luck with the Routing Neighbours alert as the polling can't be made to 1 second so flaps are missed. So I report on the BGP down syslog message. I use syslog viewer to look for BGP messages and email me accordingly. That way I don't miss any BGP changes at all.